Pigs In Heaven Analysis

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According to the novel Pigs In Heaven, Kingsolver metaphorically compares Annawake to Taylor as animals. “Taylor and Annawake gaze at each other like animals surprised by their own reflection”. Basically instilling that they both realize how similar they are in the sense that they both portray aspects of mama bear's dominance over Turtle. Taylor and Annawake both move to a more abstract plane of motherhood, seeking that much evoked goal, the best interest of the child rather than what is best for the Cherokee Nation. Which in hindsight showcases a shift from Cherokee values to white society's communalities. Taylor accepts that she has not been looking at the best interest of her child because she let Turtle down.”I’ve let her drown too,…show more content…
“That’s what family is the people you won't let go for anything.”(Kingsolver, pg 328) Annawake reference in the beginning of the novel how Taylor can not provide Turtle all the little things that she needs in order to develop properly, such as milk; however the Cherokee nation can. Annawake references how Taylor can not provide Turtle breast milk and how she can not provide Turtle the culture she needs in order to promote a sense of self identity. Annawake and Taylor were at crossroads with each other. Annawake thought that Turtle's identity came from heredity rather than Taylor’s belief that it came from nurturing. Even Annawake and Taylor’s discussion has led to a promotion of western concepts. They were no longer talking about the well being of the Cherokee nation, but the well being of Turtle's identity. Annawake grows away from these beliefs and realizes that Taylor isn't like the white family who took and mistreated Gabriel. She even verdicts that Turtle should keep her name and still be around Taylor because she was a posting influence on
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