Pigs In Oryx And Crake

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Pigs are common literary figures when they are compared to humans because of their biological similarities and figurative representations. In Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, the genetically modified pigoons continue to strengthen the allegorical and anatomical relationships between pigs and humans. Oryx and Crake uses pigs throughout the novel for their physiological parity in relation to humans and their historically established nature as the dark, dirty side of human nature in literature.
Humans and pigs are more similar than one might believe. Genetically, pigs and humans share a hidden portion of “junk DNA” called SINEs (short interspersed elements). The most common SINE in humans is the Alu transposable element which is derived from
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The pigs in Animal Farm are given the most human-like attributes from leadership to standing on two legs. They even use the phrase, “four legs good, two legs bad,” throughout their rebellion against the farmer, yet change it to, “four legs good, two legs better,” in an act of tyranny to save themselves from hypocrisy when the pigs begin to stand on two legs like humans. The pigs continuously degrade the other animals while lifting themselves up on pedestals of near perfection to solidify their following. These actions are of course attributed to the governmental structure of communist Russia, but the actual pigs grew to be more human over time. This transformation and use of pigs is not coincidental with Oryx and Crake because the fusion of humans with pigs, although in a different context, was done once before with Orwell. The antagonization of pigs and their personification reveals the sinister nature of the relationship between pigs and humans in fictional literature. Animal Farm’s pigs are given the most corrupted human traits, from lying to murder. In contrast, Oryx and Crake’s pigs are given a purpose to sustain human life, except they are out of control with what happens to their bodies. The humans are actually given the supposedly moral-less traits because of their genetic modification of not just pigs, but wolves, dogs, racoons, skunks, and…show more content…
The Bible states that the pig, “because it parts the hoof and is cloven-footed but does not chew the cud, is unclean to you,” and therefore God said that humans could not feast on the flesh of swines. The pigoons are not used for eating, rather they are used to insert flesh grown within themselves into humans which gives rise to the idea of a bestial relationship between the pigoons and the humans. The hint towards bestiality gives an even dirtier feeling than eating pig flesh. The combination of human DNA with pig DNA is invasive already, and almost contests the biblical God and his “creations.” In a twisted sense, pigoons become man’s creation, as if spitting in the face of the Christian God and figuratively sexually abusing pigs by forcefully combining their genes. Basically, a scientific raping of the natural world to satisfy the desires of mankind and only mankind. Genetic modifications like “ChickieNobs” and pigoons aren’t the only perversions committed by Crake. Crake and Johnny’s journey through the dark side of the internet enhanced their sinful nature with their viewings of child pornography and beheadings. It is the loss of innocence that remains as the most striking moral similarity between Snowman, Crake, humanity, and the pigoons. However, as if it were an act of spite against himself, Crake created the most innocent and curious beings of all: the Crakers. They ask Snowman a
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