Pig's Roles In 12 Angry Pigs

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In 1943, Lucille Fletcher 's radio play Sorry, Wrong Number, was first broadcasted. Several years later, Wade Bradford wrote the children 's play 12 Angry Pigs, a parody of the play 12 Angry Men. Sorry, Wrong Number follows the story of an elderly woman who accidentally overhears a plan for murder. 12 Angry Pigs is about a jury of pigs, and their decision to prosecute the Big Bad Wolf. While these pieces are both plays, their differences far outweigh their similarities. Sorry, Wrong Number is about Mrs. Stevenson, a wealthy and neurotic invalid. While alone at home, Mrs. Stevenson decides to call her husband. However, a mistake occurs, and she ends up hearing a call about a plan to murder a woman that night. Frantically, Mrs. Stevenson hangs up and reports what she heard to the operator, and later, the police. After finding out that her husband will not be returning home that night, she calls a hospital to hire a nurse. While on the call, Mrs. Stevenson hears a noise downstairs. It is revealed that someone has broken in the house. Mrs. Stevenson panics, and is killed by the intruder. 12 Angry Pigs is about a jury of 12 pigs who must decide the fate of the Big Bad Wolf. All of the pigs agree that the wolf is guilty, except for Pig #8. Pig #8 believes that the jury must examine all the evidence before making a decision. On the other hand, Pig #3 is adamant that the Wolf is guilty. His argument is that the case has a good witness, Little Boy Blue. However, throughout the

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