Pikes Peak Trail Achievements

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Pikes Peak Everyone has achievements in their life, no matter how small or big, they always happen. One achievement I can recall on is when I hiked the Pikes Peak trail in Colorado. This wasn’t a contest or a competition but it was a personal achievement that I value highly. This may sound like something not worth doing but it is the highest peak in Colorado that you could hike and many people cannot do it. This didn’t happen in a day either, I had to train for it, but eventually I was able to do it. When I did I couldn’t explain the feeling, well it was mostly exhaustion, but other than that it felt amazing. It all started a couple of years ago when my father moved to Colorado so he could work at Fort Peterson Air Force Base. When he moved their I was able to visit him on the summers and long breaks. Whenever I went up there we would always go hiking and camping…show more content…
While we were hiking we saw many things, birds, trees, animals, but I knew that the best sight to see was at the top. The trail slowly but increasingly became more and more difficult. The slope would increase and the sun was getting hotter. Once we passed the tree line we could finally see the top. Once we saw it our pace picked up with our goal becoming closer and closer to us. Once we reached the top I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders as I looked around and could see every mountain as far as the horizon would go. There was a little shop at the top where you could buy refreshments so we bought two Dasani waters and sat down. I took the view in slowly, because I knew I had earned it. Slowly the sun began to go lower and we knew that it wouldn’t be safe to be atop the mountain at sunrise because of lightning, so we began to hike back down the mountain. On the way down our heads were held a little higher and our pace a little slower because we felt good about our accomplishment and what it meant to
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