Pilates: A Biographical Analysis

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I wanted to share some fitness information with my fellow veterans that may have suffered injuries or are having issues keeping fit. Pilates isn 't just for girls it 's for veterans like us. Quick fact, I 'm an angry runner because running hurts it always has. I move with the force of a dozer and look as graceful as a bear doing it. No one tells me to run anymore, I do it out of habit, knowing it 's the right thing to do for myself.

Serving as a Corpsman I sustained some severe injuries and in the summer of 2015, my injuries caught up with me. I could no longer run or walk without the assistance of anti inflammatory injections and rest. I started doing Pilates because of it 's claim of being a low impact exercise that can stretch and
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Joe Pilates was a cigar smoking wild man according to articles from the past. An immigrant from Germany he grew up poor and sick. During his lifetime he lived through World War I and World War II. During World War I he was placed in an internment camp in England for 5 years because he was German. After World War I he returned to Germany, which had become a desolate place without opportunities. He then moved to the United States, as fate would have it, during the midst of the Great Depression. To make matters worse, at that time Germans were not highly thought of in the United States. Joe struggled to show the medical scholars of the day that his methods were revolutionary. But because of who he was and the lack of a formal education, Joe was not considered credible. He struggled to be taken seriously but his ideas were not considered orthodox. Today Joe Pilates is credited for created a successful system of enhancing the body 's physical abilities. Pilates is recognized in today 's medical professions as an exercise with beneficial low impact techniques that stretch and strengthen muscles. Of course Joe Pilates didn 't get to see his ideas and practice take off, he had always believed that his methods would be recognized and have influence in the future. Joe Pilates died in 1968, and Pilates became a mainstream practice in women 's health in the 1990 's. Today Pilates practitioners consider Joe Pilates an artist and a genius nearly 40 years after his death. He was a true outlier and well
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