Pilates Critique

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In the 1920s physical trainer Joseph Pilates created a Pilates method for the sole purpose of rehabilitation. The very first people to be treated with this was soldiers returning from war and dancers to help heal their aches and pains. Joseph based his work on three principles: Breath, whole-body health and whole-body commitment; with the whole-body encompassing mind, body and spirit (PilatesFoundation). In 1926, Joe emigrated to the United States where he met Clara Zeuner, whom he later married. They opened a fitness studio in New York and by the early 1960s, many of their clients where New York dancers. George Balanchine was the father of American ballet and invited Joseph Pilates to instruct his young ballerinas at the New York City Ballet.…show more content…
An average person can burn between 600-1000 calories in a Zumba class. Some may consider it a dance class but it still provides you with a full body workout in the end. The class provides intervals of intensity in both pace and body movements. Our instructor explained that by taking this class I will be able to improve my coordination, which is important as we get older. At first, the routine started to a fast pace song to help build up our endurance. We started with head and shoulder rolls and footwork to help stretch the calves and ankles. What I like about the Zumba workouts is that it builds up your heart rate easier than regular workout routines. Even though its face pace you can move around much freely and quickly. Overall it helps you to keep up a good cardiovascular system. I find Zumba to be enjoyable because you’re in a class that was filled with people ranging from different ages. Everyone can join and take on this intense, but fun workout. The dance routine was intense, but I felt a full body burn when it was all over. Every muscle is targeted and you had no choice but to keep up. The instructor wanted us to focus on controlling our breathing in order for us to take in more oxygen into our bodies. For an hour and a half I was sweating from head to
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