Reading Poetry Vs Pilgrims Analysis

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The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the noun “pilgrim” as “one who journeys in foreign land” (Merriam-Webster, N.d). A reader of poetry journeys through the stanzas into another world escapes their surroundings and voyages the setting of a story. Edward Hirsch states, “Reading poetry is an adventure in renewal, a creative act, a perpetual beginning, a rebirth of wonder” (Edward Hirsch, N.d). Both readers of poetry and pilgrims take a journey and discover things they did not know before. Both readers and pilgrims are clueless at first as to what will unfold in the plot, but they continue to journey on and find out the fate.
In 1620, the pilgrims made the famous voyage aboard the Mayflower ship and founded what we now know as the Plymouth Colony. Colonists traveled to the new country for several different reasons, some for religious freedom and others for profit. Readers of poetry may read for several different reasons, for example, many may read poetry to escape their mind and relieve stress, others may read because of an assignment for school or work. Whatever the reason may be, both readers of poetry and pilgrims turned the page and traveled for varying reasons.
Reading poetry is a playful adventure that comes with challenges, uncertainty, and surprises, much like a voyage to another country. Hirsch states, “I love the
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The pilgrims had to analyze their settings and know what material they need in order to survive in the foreign land. Readers of poetry must require skill to be able to fully understand and correctly read the poem. The reader must understand the poet’s attitude toward his subject or subjects. Readers must also understand the literary devices being used and why it is being utilized. It is also very important to understand the tone of a poem, such as whether the tone implies humor, sadness, happiness, confusion,
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