Pilgrim At Tinker Creek Book Summary

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Book review: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, published in 1974, is a nonfiction book written by Annie Dillard. The book is a collection of fifteen interconnected essays about Dillard’s exploration and thoughts on nature. The narrative takes place at Tinker Creek in Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Dillard wrote about her pilgrim, her religious journey that took place over the period of one year. The book can be divided in two parts. In the first part the author is being amazed while exploring the beauty of nature and talking about the positive sides of the world while in the second part author focuses on the dark sides of nature. Dillard starts the book with a story of her cat, who sneaks in her room every night and claw her chest. Then she goes for a walk near the Tinker Creek and explores nature. Later, she talks about her stalking muskrats and compares their unpredictable behavior to electrons. Furthermore, she talks about mortality and survival, and how every living being is killing other being for its survival. She discovers that almost every creature is missing legs or have scars. So, she concludes that the beauty of the world is in its imperfections. In the last chapter, she makes a connection between all chapters and ends the book with Emerson’s quote: First of all, as it is pointed out in the title, the book is about a pilgrim, therefore in this book Annie Dillard is searching for some religious enlightenment. Since she studied
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