The Three Pesach Festivals

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Pesach is a festival where liberation is seen central on three levels: The historical liberation and being freed from being a slave in Egpyt , the liberation from winter as spring is beginning to come and leaving behind the slavery and idolatry and addiction. All themes are woven in each other. The bond between God and Humans is central.Pesach is the feast of spring; the human sows and God takes care for the rain and growth of surroundings. It is the transition coming out of the darkness towards the light and starting a new beginning. Pesach, or Passover, is one of the major holy festivals in the Jewish tradition. It is one of the three pilgrimage festivals; the other two being Sukkot and Shavuot. Passover begins with ‘Erev…show more content…
What usually is done (as a ritual) is that 10 breadcrumbs have been hidden (usually by one of the family members) throughout the house and the entire family is supposed to search for the crumbs with candles. They use a feather to scoop the crumbs into a paper or envelop. This is taken outside in order to burn it. It is a symbolic meaning for the people to remove the breadcrumbs as it will remind them to focus on their characters which might have become prideful or corrupted with vanity. Also they see this ritual for touching them metaphorically and they get the chance to clean their soul. By searching and looking for all the crumbs in the corners of their home they can also look in all the (dark) places in their own souls and in their lives. They can examine their own lives and how they have reacted or behaved. Taking away the crumbs is also a symbol for giving away personal items, by giving it to other people who might need it more than themselves. It is also good for a whole family to reflect on their own lives and how they have interacted with one another. An open door for other people and guests Inviting and welcoming other people and guests is also part of the Passover tradition, particularly on the first or second night when the Seder is celebrated. So people might invite travelers, friends, neighbors, or other people even if they are not Jewish. Passover is a feast which should be hospitable and not exclusive. As well there is an empty space left at the table which is for the prophet Elijah which is a tradition as the legends goes that he will herald the messiah who is coming. Pesach for

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