Pilkit: A Literary Analysis

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Considering the many different literary devices used in creating writing, I have chosen several distinct elements, setting, theme, point of view and characterization. These particular devices are essential elements in my toolkit. As a realistic fiction writer the four elements serve a purpose and together they should craft an interesting story. As a result, my first important foundational tool is setting. If the writer cannot capture the reader 's attention through the creative backdrop, settings, then the foundation is not buildable and my story may be weak and uninteresting. A crafty writer connects emotionally to the reader through description, describing time, location, weather in such great detail the reader should live in the moment. The reader becomes emotionally attached to the story’s detail of events. Subsequently, without the setting edged in an emotional backdrop the story is just a bunch of information. Setting helps establish the author’s voice and create characters. The writer’s goal is to master the craft. Describe each little detail; win the reader attention. Learning to craft is not easy. But the more one writes, read and reread and write, the better one gets at storytelling. This one important tool, setting is the beginning of a strong foundation to build upon. It’s an important tool in my toolkit.…show more content…
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson wrote in the early 1900’s in London England. Chapters one – five, setting is described in small catchy detail. “Six o 'clock struck on the bells of the church . . . (Kindle File 188) the gross darkness of the night and the curtained room,” (Kindle File190). The book is loaded with different catchy details. The next story Trifles the play by Susan Glaspell, takes place during the winter in 1916, in an old cold farm house only heat in the home a stove in the kitchen, in Iowa owned by the strangle victim, Mr.
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