Pill Dispenser Research Paper

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Finger Print Scanner Pill Dispenser: A Potential Solution to Medication Misuse or Abuse Introduction In the field of Medicine today, prescription drug abuse is a major problem and drug overdose is a leading cause of death. The increase in opioid prescription drug use and abuse has lead states like Washington to draft new standards for physician practice. Physicians have numerous patients that need pain medications for their medical conditions but after prescribing the medication there is limited control over what the patient does with it. The dilemma of making sure patients are compliant with their medication and not abusing it arises, making the physician have monitor the patient. Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s…show more content…
Consider the following two cases as potential patients that would benefit from the use of the finger print scanner pill dispenser. Ms. Davis is a 62-year-old with a history of chronic lower back pain after a motor vehicle collision 4 years ago. The back pain is exacerbated by walking and sometimes she needs assistance around the house. Ms. Davis’ only son has recently moved back in the home with her to help her in the house. Over the years, she has taken oxycodone for treatment of her back pain due to other pain medications not offering relief. Ms. Davis has been compliant with her medications since her accident and only has gotten refills as scheduled by her prescription. At the last visit, Ms. Davis mentioned she had run out of her 60 pill supply of oxycodone that was prescribed and that she needs a refill because her pain is preventing her from performing household chores. She thinks her son might be stealing her medication considering that she has not taken more than the recommended dosages. After her physician spoke with her about ways to prevent her son from taking her medication and the consequences of her son taking her medication, Ms. Davis refuses to take any action against her
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