Pillar Dinner Analysis

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One thing that stood out to me during the pillar dinner is how Dr. Choi was going to each intern and writing what we did next to a picture of us in order to include us in his daily prayer. The way that he was so ready and willing to include us in his personal prayer time really took me off guard. It was very refreshing to see someone act in this manner. I hope to one day be so active in my prayer life as to take others off guard in how ready I am to take the responsibility of praying for them in my personal prayer time. In order to increase my prayer life to a point where I can genuinely pray for others in such a manner as to take them off guard I must continually pursue a personal and passionate walk with God. When I am able to bring others into my personal prayer life I will begin to grow in my personal relationship with God. Something that inspired me was how Dr. Choi said that “when you become content you’ll know what you are supposed to be doing”. This inspires me because it reaffirms my belief that whatever God has called me to, I will…show more content…
It only matters in that can help it can help me. It cannot hurt me. What I have done is done and if I am truly repentant God will forgive me. There is nothing I have done in my past that is bigger than God. The only thing that my past will do for me when I have a truly repentant heart is help me to relate to others and give me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and move on. Past mistakes can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you view them. Many have been driven insane by their past failures yet, many have also made peace with their past through God then used their past in their testimonies to lead large numbers to Christ. In order to use my past to advance the Kingdom of God I must not fall into the trap of depression and anxiety because of my past. I must fully surrender to God and not continue to dredge up my
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