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5.1. The Pillars of the Earth Work that takes us back to the twelfth century feudal England and explains a story of deceit and lust for power between church and crown to control the English medieval society. Analysis of the historical and social context •Historic context: First we must raise awareness of the historical basis of the work consists of a period called the anarchy. This period is based on the reign of King Stephen of Blois (1135-1154) which came to power after the death of King Henry I of England as his rightful heir died in the sinking of the White Ship drowned in Barfleur, in Normandy, just 17 years old in 1120. On the other hand the daughter of Henry I, Matilda, did not have the support of the nobility and clergy and refusing…show more content…
King Stephen was not in good health at the time, and suffered a strong depression when his eldest son, Eustace, died suddenly in 1153. Stephen wanted his son had been crowned before he died, but the Pope had rejected this idea. Matilde's son had become a good strategist, with a strong character. He had come to England with the intention to conquer. Then Stephen, tired of fighting, decided to sign the Treaty of Winchester in 1153, recognizing Henry as his successor on the throne. Stephen died a year later, in 1154, and Henry took the throne as Henry II, ending two decades of conflicts of royalty. In the novel intertwines this story for example: Jack's father is the only surviving the sinking of the White Ship, the brother of Aliena fight on behalf of Stephen, etc. ... On the other hand we have the construction of the cathedral; this also has historical significance as it recounts the passage of an architectural style to another. The original cathedral (which ignites Jack) is purely Romanesque, after its destruction and the arrival of Tom to build a new can appreciate Tom's idea on the future construction as something new for the time. This fact shows us the transition period between the two styles, as seen in the

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