Pillow Wars: A Short Story

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Quickly I saw a big white blob flying at my face and fell right onto the nice, new, soft carpet floor. My sister ran away laughing so I couldn 't hit her back. My mom screamed down the stairs “NO PILLOW FIGHTS” but neither of us linsted for a word she said. I ran after my sister and swung my pillow at her only to miss and fall over. She was definitely winning what we called “pillow wars”. I was not going to let her run circles around me, laughing and having a great time! I was going to be the winner! So I got back up and turned around to pick up my pillow and just when I was turning back around my sister swung her pillow at me so hard that I fell into the wall and cracked the back of my head open.

There was a big thump through the house and my parents rushed down the stairs only to see me lying on the floor with a bloody head crying tears of pain. My parents didn 't know how any of this happened because my sister was nowhere to be found. They looked at her favorite hiding place behind the couch and there she was sitting
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We pulled into the hospital parking lot and i got out of the car barely able to walk, i felt all dizzy and not the same. My dad picked me up and carried me into the hospital. We sat down and waited almost two hours until we got called back into the hospital room! They told me i needed staples, four across the back of my head. My mom was holding my hand and shaking and all i wanted was for her to let go of me, all i wanted was my uncle. Me and my uncle had a great relationship, we did everything together. The doctors came in with the huge
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