Pillsbury Cookie Case Study Summary

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Name: Muhammad Zubair Qureshi
ERP: 12191
Section: MBA (Morning)
Topic: WAC (Pillsbury Cookie)
Submitted to: Dr. Huma Amir
Date: 31-1-2016


This case tackles the research analysis that was conducted by General Mills Canada to understand the major factors in terms of variables of their target market in order to make a specific strategy to better the sales performance of the Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods or “RBG”. This research highlights how the company was analyzing consumer preferences in accordance to taste usage and purchase intension for the RBG cookies. In addition to which other factors namely brand image and desired attributes pertinent to the product were also looked upon
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2) will the same strategy applied lead to an increase in household penetration of the brand?
Marketing Research Problem:
1) To determine whether the Pillsbury baking experience resonated with customers
2) To analyze the existing attitude and usage of consumer regarding RBG cookies in multiple markets of USA and Canada
3) To visualize brand perceptions of customers in multiple markets namely USA and Canada
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With this in mind, some responses led to key findings that were extracted from the research:
Findings Interpretation Inferences
Emotional attachment of family with the cookies Baking spreads happiness among the family Baking experience needs to be linked with Pillsbury brand
Branded and Lapsed users have alternative issues with product Lapsed users had quality concerns and poor perception about attributes of product Current branding and advertising wasn’t communicating the core competencies of the brand
Moms looking for practical solution to please kids Pleasing kids and practicality integral for mothers Right product with right values need to be communicated in their advertisements
Attributes Relation to consumer Implication
Quality and Nourishment The more the better Currently company wasn’t communicating these 2 attributes
Multiple uses of cookies The higher the better If company can find ways to increase methods of baking cookies it can increase sales considerably
Convenience of usage The greater the better It is the existing core competency and the company should continually remind customer about
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