Summary: Pilot Miscommunication

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The purpose of the current study was to examine communication in aviation discourse, to identify the type of miscommunication that occurred in pilot-controller communication and repair strategies taken by pilots and controllers to rectify the problem. In addition, this research attempt to investigate intercultural communication factors in aviation discourse focusing at English as lingua franca setting. Chapter 3 describes the methods and procedures employed to conduct the research, this chapter includes: research design of the study, research sample and site, access and permissions, research procedure and data analysis. 3.1 Research Design
This research used case study approach by
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al. 1994; Prinzo and Britton 1993; Tajima 2004 and were conducted by analyzing actual pilot-controller communications. These past research has become the empirical studies in developing a reliable aviation taxonomy and understanding of the challenges in pilot-controller communication. The current research proposed not just to gives statistic and quantified the amount of miscommunication occurred in pilot-controller communication, but to explore in depth on how and why the miscommunication happened in English as lingua franca setting. The research was conduct within the theoretical framework that best suited to answer the research questions for this…show more content…
The researcher was contacted by DCA official to set up a meeting in order to explain the research proposal and data needed for the study. The meeting was conducted under Air Traffic Management Division, and all the regulation and ethical issues were discussed in depth. There were several restriction applies in regards of national security and safety, especially sensitive materials that could exist during the transcription process. To ensure the data were clear from any delicates issues, DCA requested ongoing check and a ‘reading’ before the final submission of this research. The access for Kuala Lumpur air traffic control center were given during the period specified in the later (appendix XX), however the researcher could request for additional period for data collection process from the airport manager if
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