Pilots N Paws Research Paper

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Veterinarians go to new heights to rescue animals and place them in new homes, volunteers who are not only pilots but also veterinarians take to the skies to do what others cannot. Pilots n Paws pairs up animal rescue services and pilots, not all are vets but all have a passion to help, and help they do. They fly out on the weekends to pick up pets that need to get out of the situation they are currently in, and take them to new homes. Pilots n paws in flight f2fd8This is no little organization as Pilots n Paws boasts more than 5,000 volunteer pilots and 15,000 volunteers on the ground. Together this exceptional group of people have saved more than 75,000 pets. Some of these animals need immediate medical care and these flying veterinarians go above and beyond just a general transport service. Animals that not only need rescue, but major medical care get just what they need, and all free of charge. Dog rescue groups reach out to these amazing men and women when it is imperitive to not only remove the animals from the homes where they are neglected but to also get them medical attention as soon as possible. Pilots n paws interiro 0e939One look at the rescue stories on the Pilots n Paws website will let you know just how important a service this is. Direct communication from this website can be had for those needing help with a rescue, to those that want to help through…show more content…
A whole page is dedicated to children and provides fun facts about this mission and tips on how to care for a pet. Calendars are available to those that feel a connection with animals but are unable for whatever reason to donate their time. The calendars are whimsical and fun, and a wonderful way to support an organization that is definitely taking rescues to new heights. See below for links to their website and Facebook page and save an animal
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