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THAT BENEFITS OF PINANG BENEFITS ARE ABLE TO MAKE A DENTAL, AND DESCRIBE THE REGIONAL AREA (MISS V). Why Pinang is so beneficial to life ...?. For more details, first know what the word Pinang is. Pinang is a kind of palm plant that grows in Eastern Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Pinang which has a scientific name Areca catechu has a straight high stem with a height of 25 meters. Betel trees do not produce fruit that can be consumed directly, but the betel nut has been widely used by our ancestors as a traditional medicine. Pinang trees are grown for the use of seeds or stems, now betel nut has become a commodity trading. The betel nut that has a bitter taste, contains alkoloids such as arecaine (arecaine) and arekolina (arecoline). Where the content is toxic and addictive properties. Various types of areca will cause a sense of dizziness if eaten. The content of important compounds in betel nut is arecaidine, arecolidine, guvacoline, guracine (guacine) and others. All right, let us know the side effects and benefits of this betel nut, especially for health:…show more content…
Tooth And Gums Become Strong. - This is the secret of the ancient grandmothers who made their teeth strong in chewing anything. The areca nut is often made by grandmother in ancient times as chewing material which was done with mixture of betel leaf / lime. After the research, the benefits of betel nut for the strength of teeth and gums is indeed true. In betel fruit contains high enough calcium minerals. Calcium content that is believed by many experts able to strengthen teeth and

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