Ping Pong Persuasive Speech

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Every day, millions of men, women, children are sulking in a damp, dark basement attempting to play ping pong by themselves. They 've seen the superstar players, paddling along at light speed with gleaming smiles of accomplishment on their faces, however, it is a feeling these lonely individuals will never experience. Ping pong friends are harder to come by than cheap cocaine. Fortunately, one startup has a solution and friends aren 't even needed. Grab your Apple iPhone and prepare for these five reasons why your life is about to change. 1. SMART PING PONG ROBOT FOR APPLE IPHONE You have an Apple iPhone and a ping pong table but no friends. Usually, this would lend itself to a bad situation but with Trainerbot, friends are not needed. Trainerbot is the world 's first smart…show more content…
2. CUSTOMIZE YOUR FRIENDS On that rare occasion, you do have a friend to play ping pong with, it 's hard for it to work out perfectly. Either Mitch is too drunk to play with you, Lisa says you hit too hard and Fido just runs away with the ball in his mouth. With Trainerbot, you can program every last detail using your Apple iPhone to create the perfect ping pong pal. 3. TRAINERBOT CAN GROW WITH YOU Some people are perfectly fine with having a few chill volleys and calling it a day. That isn 't you, though. You want to be the very best. If you don 't win by at least 17, that is a failure. Trainerbot can help you reach that level of near perfection with it 's customizable Apple iPhone app. there are thousands of drills and games to choose from that have been created by the Trainerbot community. Not only will these drills be fun but Trainerbot will help you improve our game and you can increase the difficult. 4. PRACTICE ANY KIND OF SHOT Trainerbot does more than simply shoot the ball at you. IT can lob, smash and short shot depending on how you like it. The extremely accurate device can place the ball on any part of the table, keeping you on your feet and in the zone. 5. CREATE YOUR OWN
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