Pinhole Camera History

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“A camera is basically a lightproof box with an aperture at one end and an image sensor or a piece of film at the other.” Believe it or not before you were born it took a complex series of steps to reproduce photos. There is much more to it than just clicking a button and it started all the way back in 330 BC. Reproducing photos is a process using light and chemicals made possible by the ideas of Aristotle in 330 BC, it 's evolution continued with the first photograph in 1838, and now we can use modern technology to save and reproduce photos. Aristotle may not have been the final publisher of the pinhole camera but it is noted that his references to the optic laws made it possible. Aristotle questioned why could the sun make a circular image when it shines through a square hole? In 1000 AD Alhazen invented the first pinhole camera.A pinhole camera is a simple…show more content…
Later on the salt process was used, along with many others, to reproduce images which also opened doors to the instant developing photograph. The first step in the salt process is to coat a blank paper in silver chloride. Silver chloride is sensitive to light so when the picture is taken, and the water rinses off the chemicals, the image is captured by fine particles of silver that anchor to the paper. The salt process was used mainly in the 1840s and 50s to recreate pictures before they used the instant camera (Miller). In 1851 Fredrick Scoff Archer created the wet plate negative using a viscous solution of collodion, he covered a sheet of glass with light sensitive silver salts and the glass and salts created a more detailed photograph. The instant camera, better known as a Polaroid, takes the picture on a piece of plastic film that has, silver compounds that are sensitive to light. Color film uses three layers of silver compound where as black and white has one. For colored images each layer is sensitive to a different color and each layer reacts to that color to form the image of the light pattern

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