Pink Bat Simple Truths Summary

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Waiting in line at Franklin Barbecue is the primary reason why many people do not go to the restaurant. People waiting in line at the restaurant often spend a minimum of two hours just to be served. This is not good for business since customer satisfaction goes down the longer they wait. Ideally, a customer at Franklin Barbecue should only have to wait a minimum of twenty minutes to be served. In order for this to be done, Franklin Barbecue management should make the dining area larger, and make a separate counter for take-outs. At the moment, Franklin Barbecue is operating on a model that relies on a small dining space that causes only a small number of people being served at a time. This solution will not affect the quality of the product because it is already cooked hours in advance. In fact, the only thing that happens once a…show more content…
In the video “Pink Bat Simple Truths”, McMillan (2016) argues that creating solutions for problems is all about perception. Instead of seeing problems as insurmountable, they could be seen as opportunities. In the case of Franklin Barbecue, the long line, and the wait times that come with are the problem. However, instead of seeing the line and long wait times as a problem, it is important to point out that it is also an opportunity, because the long lines equate to a lot of customers. Other restaurants barely have any customers, so the long line signifies an opportunity to expand the dining area to accommodate them. In retrospect, I think the reason why the dining area is so small is that the management of Franklin Barbecue did not anticipate such a high volume of customers. This is the reason why the dining area can only hold up to 32 customers at a time. This refers to a lack of foresight that can be remedied by expanding the dining area so as to serve more customers at any given

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