Pink Dolphin Essay

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The Pink Dolphins of the World
Symbols for Global Change

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Most people think of a pink elephant as being imaginary but a baby pink elephant was actually observed roaming the countryside of Africa in 2010. <<<Insert Illustration 2>>>

Also in 2010, a pink hippopotamus was spotted walking around in Kenya. <<<Insert Illustration 3>>>

The discovery of a pink bottlenose dolphin in Louisiana, USA, in 2007 surprised a lot of people as well. Notice the above pink dolphin has red eyes. There is a reason for this. <<<Insert Illustration 4A>>>
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The pink bottlenose dolphin of Louisiana and the pink elephant of Africa have one thing in common. They were born with the rare albino trait, which generally causes
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Fujian province is a region of China located directly opposite the island of Taiwan and separated from Taiwan by a body of water called the Taiwan Strait.
Lin was known for performing acts of kindness to help others. She is also said to have been a good swimmer and saved many fisherman and sailors from drowning. Lin died, however, while trying to save her father and brothers, who were caught in a storm while fishing. She became immortalized as a sea goddess and has guarded over fishermen and sailors in the Taiwan Strait ever since.
Stories have been told of occasions when the Taiwanese pink dolphins have saved drowning people or warned and protected bathing tourists from sharks, a little like the story of Lin Mo-Niang.
The Han Taiwanese living on the coast have associated the goddess Matsu with this dolphin since they consider it both loveable and an indicator of the health of the coastal

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