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Conjunctivitis or pink eye is the redness and inflammation of the conjunctiva. It is a small lining which covers the white part of the eyeball. Pink eye is very contagious and can spread by coming in contact with eye the eye discharge of someone who is infected or suffering with pink eye or conjunctivitis.
Redness Itching
Tearing of the eyes.
1. Use Honey as a Natural treatment for pink eye
Honey is a one of the effective natural treatment for pink eye. It helps to reduce the bacteria causing pink eye with the minimal adverse effect. It also has Antimicrobial properties which work against bacteria and fungi. It is noticeable only after one application.
How to apply:
Melt a spoon of raw honey
Dilute it with warm water and put a
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Repeat as required.
3. Potato as a natural treatment for pink eye
With astringent properties, a potato is also an effective natural home treatment for pink eye. It helps to ease the pain and reduce the swelling caused because of conjunctivitis.
Cut round pieces of raw potato.
Place them on the infected eye for 20 minutes.
Use this process for about 3 days to cure pink eye.
4. Tea Bag as a natural treatment for pink eye
Most of the people through tea bag in the garbage after using. But used tea bags are not merely a garbage product, they can enhance your beauty or can conjunctivitis. Tea bag is the natural treatment for pink eye. Tea carries a big amount of tannin that is able to cure the eye infection and reduces the swelling.
Prepare a cup of tea with a tea bag. keep that bag aside and let it cool.
Place this tea bag on your affected eye for 10-20 minute or so.
Now wash your eye with cool tea. Do this 4-5 time a day.
5. Breast Milk to Cure Pink Eye
Breast milk is a natural treatment for pink eye. It helps to prevent the bacteria from attaching to the surface of an eye. To cure pink eye you simply need to put the breast milk in the affected eye.

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