Pink Eye Spread

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How Is Pink Eye Spread?
Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is an infection or inflammation of the clear membrane that covers the white parts of your eyes. When small blood vessels within the eye become inflamed, they 're more visible, and appear pink. How is pink eye spread? People can get pink eye just by using or touching something that has been infected by another person. Pink eye is commonly caused by a viral infection, bacterial infection, or an allergic reaction, and it may affect one or both eyes.

How Is Pink Eye Spread?
Pink eye is very common and clears up within 7-10 days without medical treatment. Most causes of pink eye include:
$ Viral conjunctivitis. Caused by a virus, and spread very easily. This type of pink eye is very contagious and is caused by viruses. Adenoviruses are the most common cause and
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$ Exposure to something that you have an allergy to (allergic conjunctivitis)
$ Use of contact lenses

How to Prevent It from Spreading?
There are many precautions people can take to significantly reduce their risk of getting pink eye, including:
1. Washing your hands frequently at home and when in public places or spending time at school.
2. Keeping a hand disinfectant (anti-bacterial) handy, and use it often.
3. Never share personal items such as bath towels, hand towels, or washcloths.
4. Sanitizing the surfaces of bathroom vanities, counter-tops, faucet/door handles and shared phones with an appropriate antiseptic cleaner.
5. Cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow when sneezing or coughing, and avoid touching or rubbing your eyes.
6. Know the pollen count in your area. If you suffer from allergies, consult with your physician on ways to minimize the symptoms before they begin.
7. If you wear contacts, consider switching to daily disposable contacts, or be sure to follow your optometrist’s instructions for lens care/replacement, and use contact lens solutions

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