Pink Slip Advantages

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Aside from probating, there is a written statement called an "application for emergency admission," or best known as a "pink slip". According to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 5122.10 (2014), a police officer may pink slip an individual who meets one or more of the following criteria: is a harm to self or others, is unable to provide for their own basic needs, or is an imminent risk to the substantial rights of others. A pink slip requires face-to-face contact with a person. The pink slip essentially orders a person to receive emergency admission to either a hospital or a community mental health services provider. A pink slip is good for three court days, and weekends and holidays are excluded. If a police officer pink slips an individual, they are not under arrest. They are simply being taken to a facility for immediate examination by mental health professionals. The pink slip must include a detailed explanation as…show more content…
Due to the nature of their job, police officers are first responders to crises. They see things that normal people are not meant to see. People depend on officers to help them through some of the worst moments of their lives. Officers do not need a degree in counseling or a license to offer support to people going through a crisis or a traumatic incident. The most important tips for police officers is to 1) stop and ask yourself "how would I feel if this were happening to me?", 2) Communicate empathy, and 3) ask the person "what are you going to do if we cannot help you?". If you ask a mentally ill person this question, and they answer something like "I'm going to buy a gun and shoot my neighbor," you then have probable cause to write a pink slip for the individual due to homicidal ideation. The third tip is a very important tip to remember when unsure of whether a person needs immediate psychiatric
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