Pinkish Slave Monologue

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Miss.Summer got on top of you and place her slender legs around your hip. She seductively gave you a lap dance, and your cock swell with excitement through your jean. She wrap her arms around you and gave you a passionate deep-kiss. She look into your eyes with extreme lust and assertively spoke. "Don 't deny you don 't want me, because....Ummm I want you so badly baby, you grown up so handsomely!" She suck your neck and gave you a hickey, marking you as a potential mating partner.

Her face flash brightly red, as the pinkish pills push her sexual arousal within her body and mind to desire multiple pregnancy.
The pill shouldn 't work this fast, but due to the added chemical of other drugs, the effectiveness of the pinkish pill is now 10 times stronger. She no longer care about the consequences of her action, nor the slightest concern on how much multiple birth to conceive. Right now, her body and mind is only focusing on feeling pleasure, even the risk of pregnancy is driving her wild.
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You could see the pleading in her eyes, as she beg. "Please fuck your dear teacher, ummm..I could make you feel so goodd baby!" She slip her right hand inside your boxer.

Moment pass and her eyes flicker as more side effects enter your teacher 's behavior. She lost all reasoning as an educated adult. "Giggle...ohhhhh, I can feel your hard cock pulsing through your jean. I bet it 's yummy!" She licks her lips hungrily.

Your concern about your teacher 's behavior. "Ms. Sumner, are you alright?" Deep in your mind, you know something is not right about her
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