Jerzy Kosinski Character Analysis

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Dissociative identity disorder or alter ego which means ‘the other’ explains exactly what modern man widely suffers. Modern man realizes that the floor on which he stands is about to collapse down and under which there is nothing but darkness and madness. Therefore he creates an apollonian world that veils Dionysian pit. He disguises himself in other identities, other characters, which he creates, not to cease to exist. When his apollonian world collapses, modern man is aware of what is broken is not the mirror but his fragmented ‘self’. This study aims to reveal the Dionysian madness of Domostroy behind the mirror analyzing the lives of the characters in Jerzy Kosinski with the help of various terms. Moreover the title ‘Pinball’ is a nice metaphor for the events in the lives of the characters in the novel bouncing and reversing identities and partners like a ball in a machine. He doesn't hit it on the head too hard or lean on it more than it's able to support, and it works. Keywords: Detective, fiction, postmodern, self, masks,…show more content…
The two heroines of the novel, Andrea and Donna Downes, practice in true postmodernist fashion the objectivity of the material world,“ of its knowability and of determinism”( ibidem:247). As a stinging slap on the face of determinism in its traditional doctrinated sense, Osten tells Andrea: Genius and Chaos can somehow be reconciled only through sex, and that sexual promiscuity, by combating isolation, timidity, and emotional routine can actually engender creativity” (83). These words strongly embody the typical Kosinski ideology of postmodernist detotalized and fractured determinism, as a specimen from late modern epistemology in which “classical-mechanical physical determinism”,
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