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3 of the most bogus health claims on Pinterest you shouldn 't believe (-- removed HTML --) Pinterest is a great place for creating mood boards, gathering recipes, learning new things, and viewing cute things. But it’s also home to a lot of bogus health claims that you shouldn’t believe. Here are some of the top ones that we found: 1. Cancer killing juice Do you know what kills cancer? An intense cocktail of drugs that leave you feeling so sick you’re unsure what’s going to kill you first: the cancer or the drugs. Juice doesn’t do anything. This juice claims to kill cancer. Don’t believe it. If you have cancer please seek out actual medical advice and don’t rely on a bogus Pinterest health claim. (-- removed HTML --) 2. Cinnamon and honey cure diseases There’s a claim going around on Pinterest that if you boil cinnamon and honey together and then drink it, it’ll cure you of cancer, heart disease, bad cholesterol and a couple of other things. It claims that it’s an ancient Chinese medicine. It’s true, for instance, that some types of honey - like manuka honey - have some kind of healing properties in terms of boosting your immune system, but it can’t cure diseases. The claims of this pin are completely false. If you’re suffering from any of these diseases please seek out legitimate medical advice. (--…show more content…
If only this was true. It would make cancer treatments so much easier. But, like everything in this post, it isn’t true, and is instead medical misinformation. Many of the claims of these pins say “studies show” or “a recent study says” and then goes on from there. Be wary of anything that starts with that kind of lead. Legitimate health care options will give you sources of which studies and there will be more than one. One study isn’t enough to prove anything. Be a smart user on Pinterest and think before you pin or before you believe a

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