Alexandra, A Pioneer Woman In Willa Cather's O Pioneer

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Alexandra, a pioneer woman in Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! Sanjeev Kumar Research Scholar, P.G. Department of English, Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University Bhagalpur. Mob: 09470282915 ; Email: (Abstract) It accepted that Alexandra became the best pioneer woman in Cather’s O’ Pioneer! It was not merely a matter of exciting but it was reassuring in the west to find in men of her own age. She had found in the company of some Latin Europeans in her trips abroad was renewed as she responded to the gaiety and vitality in some of the simple folk. She felt in some of them a tragic and heroic quality. She had the courage, she was determined to live for a while in the present, which poured in on her more powerfully and with less resistance than, perhaps, at any other time in her mature life. In O Pioneers! there is a conventional story parallel to this : Emil returns home; he wins Marie Shabata’s love; they are killed by her husband. The style and structure in O…show more content…
It is probable that the early story was a study in a single character, with the other members of the Bergson family and their neighbors drawn only as stimuli for her and factors in her life. The shift in title from “Alexandra” to Pioneers! –however much it may have been prompted by its similarity to the title of her first novel- pointed to a shift in interest: in the novel Alexandra remains the principal personage, but she is now presented as part of a study in the history of a family characteristic of a time and a place. All the additions that have been noticed build up the roles of other
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