Pip And Mr. Wemmick Analysis

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In Great Expectations, the work of Charles Dickens novel (1861), I will be discussing two of the characters Pip and Mr. Wemmick. I will be exploring the significance of Mr. Wemmick, but more importantly the role he plays in Pips life.
Phillip Pirrip, known as Pip is the protagonist and narrator of this novel. His story begins as a young boy orphaned and raised by his sister and her husband Joe who is a blacksmith and does not make much money. Pip is unrealistically romantic at heart and wants to improve himself, socially and morally. Pips driving motivation to elevate himself comes in the form of a female named Estelle, who thinks his "common" and nothing but a "laboring boy" (Dickens, 83). As Pip becomes of age he gets a visit from a man named Mr. Jaggers who says "that he be immediately removed from his present sphere of life and from this place and be brought up as a gentleman" (Dickens, 195). Jaggers explains ' to Pip that he inherited a large fortune from a benefactor, who would like to remain anonymous until he or she decides otherwise. He is to be groomed into a gentleman, a young man of great expectations. Pip sees this as an opportunity to uplift his social class and ultimately to get the girl. So he agrees and accepts this fortune and opportunity and is to move to London to begin his tutelage.
The character that becomes quite significant in Pips life, Mr. Wemmick serves as a clerk and money collector on behalf of Mr. Jaggers, the cold and harsh lawyer in the
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