Pip In Great Expectations

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Great Expectations is a Victorian styled novel that tells the transformational story of a young boy named Pip who starts as an outcast but eventually gets brainwashed by society’s ideals and expectations for a gentleman. As an adolescent, Pip was depicted as a common child who lives with his abusive sister and her appreciating husband. Eventually when he gets older, Pip is deluded by the conception that fortune makes a person seem better and elevates a person’s worthiness and endeavours to live up to these outstanding prospects. In Charles DickensGreat Expectations, by Pip is seen as a boy who is held by the restraint of Victorian society when certain events in his life make him desire a luxurious lifestyle that changes him for the worse.
Dickens depicts Pip as an aspirant gentleman by having him re-think the way he acts around others who are lower in class than him. In the novel, when he reaches London, he sees how the opulent class is acting differently and treating others poorly which leads him to becoming a very ill-mannered character. “Fallen into the world of production and consumption, Pip is not bor: he is made, and that makes him vulnerable in the cannibalistic world of Victorian England” (Leavis 1). Leavis’ use of the word “vulnerable” demonstrates the manipulation of Jaggers and other forcing Pip into being something he wasn 't and also the word ‘cannibalistic” means how other people are forcing him to do stuff in a society he has a hard time adjusting to.
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