Pip Technology Case Study

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Overview Piping Technology and Products (PT&P henceforth) shares engineering and manufacturing resources at 21 acre manufacturing facility The PT&P’s manufacturing facilities are located near the Port of Hudson, the largest port in the United States, for fast and convenient shipping around the world. PT&P strives to fabricate the finest products in pipe supports. Through innovative manufacturing process and creative thinking, PT&P has unlimited abilities. From pipe supports, expansion joints, pre insulated pipe supports, instrument supports and miscellaneous fabrication to various engineering and technical services, PT&P has decades of experience providing the products and services for all engineering and construction needs. Identification…show more content…
This is all for customer need and satisfaction from customer point of view. If the customer is not happy with the product/project of manufacturing company, the company will lose reputation. PT&P is one of the reputed companies in manufacturing pipes and supports with high capacity spring constants and piping shield. Also, this company handles at least 20-25 projects at a time. The flow of the projects within given time limit is very important to maintain the working line of the system. Delay in one sub-process means the delay in every other dependent sub-process. That means whole system gets blocked. In such cases, the improvement of the process is very much essential to keep system on the track.…show more content…
It also affects on manufacturing cost, time, reputation and working stability. The main requirement of the project is to satisfy customers by reducing delays from the departments due to several reasons such as design complexity and insufficient raw material in the process and sub processes. Defining Defects As we have stated before, these delays are because of defects, malfunction, and insufficient raw material. There are mainly three types of defects; Design defects, Manufacturing defects and Inventory defects. Below table shows the effect of the defect and the Improvements can be done. Defect type in piping systems Effect Improvement Design defects: Because of poor design consideration of pipes and supports Poor design Redesigning the pipe

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