Ovality In Pipe Bend

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Abstract Pipe bends are considered the critical components in a piping system. In the manufacturing process of pipe bends, it is difficult to avoid thickening on the inside radius and thinning on the outside radius. The cross section of the bend becomes non circular and the acceptability based on the induced level of shape imperfections. Considering those shape imperfections it is necessary to have an accurate estimate of pipe bend limit load under internal pressure. ovality is the shape imperfection considered for analysis which various from 0 to 20%. The three dimensional finite element method is used to model and analyze a standalone, long radius inlet pigtail pipe bend used in hydrogen reformer application. It is shown that the effect of ovality in pipe bend with attached straight pipe is significant due to internal pressure and the induced stresses in the pipe bend geometry…show more content…
Limit loads for the pipe bends have been of interest for integrity assessment of piping components [1-6]. Recently many authors have proposed limit load solutions for pipe bends subject to combined internal pressure and bending based on detailed finite element [FE] limit analysis using elastic perfectly plastic materials under small geometry change assumptions [7]. The results suggested that existing analytical solutions for pipe bends [1-4] were much lower than the FE results. Accordingly, based on the FE results, new closed form limit load solutions have been proposed [7].One important point is
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