Pipe Welding Essay

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Pipe welding. There are multiple factors to consider when welding pipe. From the type of metal and filler to be used, to cover gasses, such as argon and carbon dioxide, to prevent welds from being contaminated, or the proper angles to bevel pipe coupons, a welder must know it all. Metallic pipe has been manufactured using several processes throughout history and has been vastly improved throughout the centuries. The processes used to fabricate piping systems have also been greatly improved. Pipe has been used to hydrate communities for centuries. Original uses included diverting water from streams to fields for agricultural purposes. Pipe has been crafted of many different materials.…show more content…
This weld pass is often accomplished using the GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding) process or SMAW ( shielded metal arc welding) process. Because this pass requires more skill than the filler passes, some pipe welding entrepreneurs, including union shops or private businesses, will have an experienced welder performing the root passes while the filler and cap are performed by less experienced individuals using GMAW (gas metal arc welding) or FCAW ( flux-cored arc welding). 88 A pipe welder 's skill and experience are factors that can determine the welders salary. Average salaries range from approximately sixteen dollars per hour to about thirty-seven dollars per hour. According to, the national average for pipe welders is just over $48,000 annually. In addition, the majority receive medical and dental coverage. 50 In conclusion, pipe welding is the past and it is the future. As long as metal pipe is in service, pipe welders will exist to fabricate and maintain them. a welder should be knowledgable of the pipe they will be assembling or repairing. They should be aware of the type of metal it is constructed of and the proper filler and gas to be used. The welder must be well practiced to produce strong welds that will withstand wear and tear from everyday use.
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