Pipeline Reflection

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Self Reflection During the week we debated the pros and cons of the Mariner East II Pipeline. I was in group A and defending the pipeline through a Environmental lense. The debate personally was hard for me because, I have a hard time speaking up in front of people, researching was confusing and I was strongly against the pipeline especially from an a environmental lense. One of our strengths was teamwork. During the debate when a point was made it was usually supported by two or more people adding validity to the argument. However one area of improvement that we could have worked on as a team was distributing who spoke more evenly. I feel like we did improve on that on the second day because the people who spoke the most stepped back a bit so others could speak. Gathering research and presenting were the hardest parts of the…show more content…
However I did not do a good job, to improve I should get more comfortable with speaking, which would help me actually debate next time, and contribute more. The intro speeches did not help me with becoming more comfortable while speaking, because public speaking is always horrible for me. The speech did set a limit on how bad my can be in the future. I personally am against the pipeline and dislike that I had to debate for it, especially from an environmental standpoint. However, I learned a lot about the hazards of natural gas pipelines such as leaks and explosions. Where as of before I did not know much about the dangers of natural gas pipelines only oil. Evaluating the debate was helpful in allowing me to understand what I should focus more on. I should contribute more in general by speaking more and actually debating. For Research I should be finding anecdotal evidence instead of just data. But it also helped me realize that at least I’m a good listener during debates. Debating as a whole was extremely challenging for me but at least it cannot get any
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