Pip In Charles Dickens Great Expectations

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Secondly, when Pip has grown up and become teen he inclined more to become a gentleman rather than a blacksmith. However, he has to forget his dream to become a gentleman and marry Estella due to his condition that does not have well education and not rich. He has become the apprentice at Joe’s smith even though he hated that job. However, Pip’s life has changed into great fortune by means of a mysterious benefactor that made Pip’s future become brighter. Through the financial support from that mysterious benefactor, Pip went to London to acquire well education, to become a gentleman and then start a new life there. He thought that Miss Havisham is his benefactor which made him become a gentleman, but in reality the one which made him become…show more content…
Pip becomes ungrateful because he cannot accept that Magwitch is actually his benefactor and not Miss Havisham. He hated Magwitch even though that man has done so much for him. Pip said, “I know nothing of his life. It has almost made me mad to sit here of a night and see him before me, so bound up with my fortunes and misfortunes, and yet so unknown to me, except as the miserable wretch who terrified me two days in my childhood.” From this point, Pip just only looked at the past time when Magwitch threatened him and not the present time when Magwitch has brought good fortune to his life and made him become a gentleman. His hatred towards Magwitch also inclined when Pip easily influenced by Herbert saying, “Then you may rely upon it,” said Herbert, “that there would be great danger of his doing it. That is his power over you as long as he remains in England, and that would be his reckless course if you forsook him.” However, the Pip’s character has changed throughout the story to become grateful and symphatize towards Magwitch. He was forced to helped Magwitch by allowing him to hide at his place for a moment because he afraid that Magwitch will get caught by the officer. Pip also has made a plan for Magwitch to escape from London. They
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