Piracy: Robert Louis Stevens Treasure Island

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Piracy is a concept that, over the span of many years, has been heavily romanticised. Piracy began many centuries again, in multiple areas of the world. Yet, it held up until not too long ago. No matter how old the idea of piracy is though, it will almost certainly never be forgotten thanks to stories such as Robert Louis Stevens’ Treasure Island. These stories highlight the more rewarding parts of piracy, which has kept many people fascinated about the subject as a whole. According to reputable source Dictionary.com, piracy is the “Practice of a pirate; robbery or illegal violence at sea.” Piracy was harsh robbery at sea, and while it would become more sophisticated over the years it developed, the basic idea of it would always remain the same. One of the earliest…show more content…
The document regarding it, inscribed on a clay tablet, described mediterranean shipping attacks in North Africa. That’s not all though, in the same
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