Argumentative Essay On Pirate Movies

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Register to read the introduction…For instance, copyright is “the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (as a literary, musical, or artistic work)”. Should we agree with these definitions and consider this act as illegal in the United States? People should have the right to share movies that they have bought without any punishment, because, first, BLANK; second, BLANK, and third, BLANK. However,…show more content…
Each downloaded movie is a movie entry not purchased, as claimed by the film industry? Or people downloading movies would not go even to the movies? Two researchers used a clever strategy to uncover a relationship of cause and effect. Economists Brett Danaher, of Wellesley College and Joel Waldfogel of the University of Minnesota, noted that Hollywood studios often wait weeks after the debut in the US market before launching a film abroad. In this interval foreign cinema fans can find the movie file type BitTorrent sharing sites, but not in local cinemas. If the online piracy displaced the ticket sales release of these delays would jeopardize international revenues of movie box office. Researchers compiled a database of over weekend box office revenue of the ten most watched films in 17 different countries over three years. Then split the data into two groups: films released before the BitTorrent become popular and released thereafter. Controlling for other variables that could affect the income of a film they found that the post-BitTorrent movies captured less resources previously. The greater the delay, the greater the loss. More striking, the most popular genres suffered more with the online pirates. "After BitTorrent, the release delay effect in science fiction movies and action is much greater than in other genres," said Danaher. He estimates that this type of piracy has led to an annual decrease of $ 240 million in box office revenue of weekends in the 17 countries studied. The study also reveals a controversy of piracy advocates: people turn to online piracy when that is the only way to see content. Danaher mentioned another episode in 2007, when NBC in contract dispute with Apple, collected your iTunes Store content. The pirated content trafficking NBC exploded. New laws can help guide people away from downloading

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