Pirates And Garments Essay

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Garments and Accessories: Since the 14th century, sailors and pirates alike wore staple garments like the petticoat-trousers. This garment was relatively unchanged for centuries. It has been recorded as being the most practical garment aboard a ship. They were knee-length and full in volume for maximum flexibility. Other garments associated with pirates is the sash and bandana. The sash were used mainly to hold the heavy weaponry. Their hands needed to be free to assist in ship duties so the sash enabled them to carry their weapons securely since a normal belt were not able to do the task properly and probably was not comfortable to wear. Modern imagery of pirates have them wearing bandanas, however, though they wore bandanas it is historically…show more content…
Garments like these are often associated with modern thievery and outlaws. What comes to mind when I think of the monmouth cap is a vintage image created by Hollywood of a robber. The classic comical relief robber that wears all black clothing and a black skull cap. The same worn by pirates centuries ago. The monmouth cap has subconsciously been associated with a life of dishonesty and trickery probably because it was a staple in the pirates esthetic. Also, as I mentioned before, pirates did wear bandanas but prefered wearing caps and hats instead. This does not deter the fact that pirates are commonly associated with wearing bandanas. Nonetheless, bandanas has also crossed over to more modern times to represent outlaws. Like the classic cowboy movies where the bandit will wear a bandana around their face to mask their face during their evil deeds or tough bikers terrorizing the local town. Once cannot positively say that there is a definitive connection based on facts. However, one cannot deny the fact that bandanas have been a staple for outlaws and thieves. In conclusion, maybe this too is another subconscious association to pirates and their
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