Pirates Book Analysis

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I’ve chosen this book because the title was familiar from my childhood and I had a brief idea of what the book spoke about, pirates which is a theme that amuses me.
This book was written by Robert L. Stevenson to his girlfriend’s son who inspired him by showing him a drawing of a treasure map he had drawn.
The book is divided in 34 chapters and in 3 major acts that divide the story in different stages, in the first act is where the actions emerge as conflicts, in the second is where things seem to have no solution and in the third one is where everything is solved.
The book is narrated in the first person and mostly by Jim (31 chapters) and Dr. Livesey (3 chapters).
It is a historical fiction book because is set a century before it was published.
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- During the travel Jim finds out that mostly the crew are pirates and tell about it to the captain, the doctor and the squire. When they get there, Jim goes under covered to the island in order to explore and there meets Ben Gunn, a men who had been abandoned in the island.

Here Jim discovers that true danger was close because he hears the pirates talking about getting the treasure for themselves and he tells the “good guys” (Captain Smollet, Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawney in order they can be aware and safe. In this part there are formed two team “the good ones” and “the bad ones”. On the island Jim finds an ally who also had suffer from the greed of pirates and wants revenge of them. The pirates are at this time in control of the situation.
- Jim gets a small boat and sets the ship adrift and kills on of the pirates on board, he goes back to the fort where his fellows where but when he gets there we faces himself with the pirates instead of his friends and his life is saved by Long John Silver who convinces the pirates to spare his
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- Rum: It represents the destructive side of men because they always abusing it and consequently destroying everything and being rude because they were drunk. It is the lowest quality alcohol which can be related to the social level and human level the pirates were on. Most of all it’s a big addiction because most of the pirates in times of despair would rather drink even if it killed which was Billy Bones situation and also represents the incapacity of the pirates to control themselves due to being extremely drunk and out of themselves.

- Jolly Roger vs British Union Jack: one represents the pirate’s authority and the power of evil while the other represents national pride, order and discipline therefore can be a representation of the good side. When the Jolly Roger is hoisted shows that the pirates are on top of the situation, from the moment Jim substitutes it for the British Union Jack is the affirmation that the situation is starting to
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