Piston Engine Research Paper

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A piston from a diesel engine that had damaged and the cause of the damage are investigated. Possibly, the engine was running high speed that applicant specified. The shape of the crown controls the movement of air and fuel as the piston comes up on the compression stroke. The shape of the piston crown depends on the shape of its combustion chamber and its compression ratio. Piston’s hard to believe the reciprocating piston engine has been around for 140 years. Nikolaus August Otto was a German engineer of the first Internal Combustion (IC) engine to efficiently burn fuel directly in a piston chamber. Piston materials and piston design have improved over the years. They will continue to do so until fuel cells, exotic batteries and piston makes the IC engine out of date. But until that happens, pistons will continue to power the vehicles and drive. Piston is made from aluminum-silicon metal matrix composites that can be classified in various ways. One classification is the consideration of type and contribution of reinforcement components in particle, layer, fiber and penetration composite materials. Light alloy…show more content…
This indicated that while hardening was proper on the piston but uniform hardening was not achieved on the piston. Sometimes, the softening of aluminum is a function of temperature and time that the hardness is decrease due to elevated temperature for a significant period of time. Hardness of the surface was clearly different for the crown and skirt of the

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