Pit And The Pendulum Reflection

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As human being we have been taught that death is the demon at the end of the path, place there to hunt us down, ending our journey here on earth. Depending on the believe that each person follows, death could be the end of your persona or the release of our soul to a better place. For generation the thought of death have been a tabu. All over the globe people are afraid of the word, and try to divorce themselves from every topic related to it. As well as death, suffering is a word must people are no comfortable discussing, the necessary amount of suffering a human being needs to build itself, is never share within the different communities surrounding the planet. While reading the book, Pit and the Pendulum I learned to state a stronger opinion about this two subjects, for me, two crucial subjects for the understanding of life. The book is based on the Spanish Inquisition, this was a tribunal wilful to…show more content…
In first place the book is narrate in first person, meaning that I’m not completely clear of the gender nor the name of the character, but for me it was a male. The story starts with the main character been judge by the tribunal black robed judges, were the character find itself scare and anxious of the words about to come out of the people caring his destiny. By the time the hopeless sentence was made and the words got to his ears, the personage fainted creating lacks of events in his memory. The moment he woke up he was afraid of opening his eyes, not because of the horrible things that could surround him, in fact he was more afraid of the absence of things. By the time he open his eyes he realize he was alone, and the fear that ones invade his mind was real, no light, just him to comfort his soul. Using his knowledge of the inquisition he asume that he was in a dungeon, waiting to be the next

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