Pit Bull Phobia Case Study

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The pit bull phobia is extremely disturbing his daily life. Every time he went a walk with families in the lawn outside their home, even they did not go far, he would not go out of the fence until his families told him it is safe (no pit bull in the lawn). However, he still not walked with his families but used the four-wheel drive instead. One time of his daughter’s birthday, his wife took their children to go to the park with their friends and Marvin had not go with them (as he was afraid that the park may have pit bull). One of his daughter’s friends queried that she has no father as none of her friends had met him. Moreover, Marvin worked in a carwash, there was one time that he saw a pit bull inside the car, he told to the owner go to another carwash and do not let the dog come out the car. Marvin feels sad about his…show more content…
Relationship build up
2. Identify the problem of the client 1. Greeting
2. Focus on relationship building
3. Invite Marvin to share the problem he is facing.
1. Describe the antecedents of pit bull phobia in different aspects 1. Describe the situations, thoughts, feelings, and solution that he had tried before - A cup of warm water
- Tissue
-Reflection of the feelings and show empathy
1. Introduce the CBT treatment, especially the exposure and homework assignments 1. Introduce what is CBT, how does CBT work for phobia, introduce the exposure and homework in detail -Information of CBT
-Journal for supporting the effectiveness of CBT for phobia
1. Contracting 1. Make a contract of the agreement of the treatment
2. Clarify the expectation and realize the reasons why he wants the treatment
3. Set up the goals of the treatment - Contract
1. Homework: daily mood log 1. Go through the daily mood log with Marvin
2. Encourage him to rate daily levels of depression, anxiety, and worry about pit bull phobia - Daily mood log (Burns, D. D., 1999)

Session 2
Objectives Interventions Remarks/
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