Pit Bull Terrier

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Whenever someone hears pitbull they probably think of vicious beast that they would not want to be around, but all American Pit Bull Terrier’s, which is their native names are not actually what people say they are to be. In fact, there is a American Pit Bull Terrier right now on the police force in New York, it is the first American Pit Bull Terrier to be on the police force in New York. On estimate 2,800 American Pit Bull Terrier’s are euthanized each day nation wide that is about 1,022,000 American Pit Bull Terrier’s euthanized each year nation wide. In fact, studies show that American Pit Bull Terrier’s are not anymore aggressive than golden retrievers. Aggression towards humans is not typical of the breed. Most American Pit Bull Terrier’s …show more content…

PTSD is a disorder that is caused by stressful or frightening events and in this case it can be caused by war. PTSD can happen in male of females at any age depending on what happened. Nearly 31% of Vietnam veterans, almost 10% of Gulf war veterans, 11% of veterans that fought in the war with Afghanistan, and 20% of Iraqi veterans have been afflicted with PTSD. 1 out of every 13 people will deal with PTSD during their lives. PTSD can affects a person 's life mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are 3 clusters to PTSD. the first cluster is re-living the event. The way the person relives the event is by having recurring nightmares and images that can happen at any time. During this cluster the victim has extreme emotion and physical reactions. The second cluster is avoiding reminders of the event. Reminders of the event includes places, activities, people, or thoughts. During this cluster the victim may withdraw from friends and or family, they will feel emotionally detached, and will lose interest in everyday activities. The third and final cluster is being on guard or hyper-aroused. During this cluster the victim could feel irritable or angry all of a sudden, they could have difficulty sleeping and or a lack of concentration, and being overly alert or easily startled. Victims with PTSD may pick up drug or alcohol habits or suicidal tendencies. 18 veterans commit suicide each day, that is 126 each week, and 6,552 each …show more content…

The American Pit Bull Terrier and veterans are beneficial to on another. One way they are beneficial to one another is that they help improve each other 's life. The way they help improve each other’s life is by changing the negative look that society gives them. American Pit Bull Terrier’s also helps with the veterans depression and as stated before with anxiety attacks. Veterans with the disorder have lowered self esteem and the American Pit Bull Terrier helps build back up their self esteem and they feel more apart of society. The veteran benefits the American Pitbull Terrier because they take a misunderstood dog train them and show society that they are not what people think they are to be. The veteran benefits the American Pit Bull Terrier because it gives them a stable home, a loving owner, and they are treated well and are not abused. The American Pit Bull Terrier also helps the veteran become more involved in society and helps them step back into society with their chest out and head held high. The veteran also helps the dog trust humans more and the dog helps the veteran open up to people more instead of living in the shadows. The American Pit Bull Terrier also helps the veteran love more because there can be days where the veteran might feel ashamed of his or her disorder and feel unloved about it aswell but the dog will always be there to love them unconditionally. The veteran and the American Pit Bull Terrier also gives each other a second chance in

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