Pit Bull Terriers Research Paper

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“America pit bull terriers shouldn’t be wiped out of Australia” The increasing number of injuries caused by Pit bulls has prompted drastic action to determine why. In the Courier-Mail article, “RSPCA wants Pit-bull terriers in Australia wiped out after the latest attack”. Dr Huge Wirth who is the RSPCA’s Victorian president put forward a proposal to ban all of the Pit-bull terriers in Australia. Some people agree with this. They believe that pit bulls are dangerous and need to be banned. However, from my own perspective, I don’t agree with Dr Wirth. First of all, it is true that Pit bull terriers are very vicious as they were purely developed for
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Ms Bonnie Norton, a Dandenong pit bull breeder, has claimed, “Any dog in the hands of the wrong owner can be a threat”. Some people treat pit bull cruelty as they are only interested in pit bulls for fighting or guarding. This, again, gives pit bulls the feeling to attack. Others, they simply don’t follow the rule. They left their dog outside, in extreme weather, leaving them wandering around and attacks other people. For example, Alexis Douglas was attacked while she was playing in her sister’s friend’s yard when a neighbour’s dog came in and mauled her. Again, breed bans simply do not address other recurrent patterns associated with dog attacks such as irresponsible or uneducated dog ownership. Enforcement of existing control and leash laws and education and knowledge will enhance responsible dog ownership. If the dog is properly handled and appropriately trained, Pit bull pose no hazard to human beings or other animals. Ms Bonnie stated that her pit bull terrier is a family pet that she trusts around her family. At this moment, no ban should be enforced but education, education and education.
In summary, pit bulls shouldn’t be banned as they are not the only breed that has caused injuries or death. They are also the target for blame for others dog attack. The most important thing on how to deal with these dogs is proper training. This is missing from lots
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