Pit Bulls Argumentative Essay

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A 21 year old pregnant women was spun around and someone tried to attack her, a Pit Bull named Cash defended the women by biting the man, he got scared and he had run off. Cash was a friendly dog and has never bit anyone before, but he instinctively knew that the man was dangerous. Some people hear stories of Pit Bulls saving their owners life or them saving another animal, although they are reported in the media they are not heavily covered. They only like to cover the stories where Pit Bulls have attacked a person or where they have lashed out, therefore they are betrayed as an angry breed and “brainless killing machines”. Even though Pit bulls have the highest number of attacks on people than any other dog breed, that doesn 't mean that the…show more content…
Secondly, Pit Bulls can react to how their owners have raised them. An example from this is “...These dogs were raised in the worst conditions. They weren’t loved. They weren’t properly cared for. Many were trained to fight, and just as many were used as bait to start the fights. If it were true that a dog’s past determines whether or not it can become a loving part of a family, none of these dogs would ever have been deemed worthy of adoption. And yet after being rescued, they still wanted love and companionship and family. And with love, patience, and training, their wishes came true” (The Lazy Pit Bull) This quotation proves that even when the dog was treated horribly, they still give love and compassion to the people around them. Another example is, “These fighting dogs were bred and trained not to display behavioral signals of their intentions so that they would have an advantage in the ring. for this reason Pit bulls are frequently known to attack without warning. For example 1 study found that 94% of attacks of children by pit bulls but only 43% of attacks on children by other breeds were unprovoked”( DaxtonsFather). This proves that the breed of pitbulls in not the only breed that has attack people and also that they only act this way because of where they had grew…show more content…
Opponents of this issue would argue that pit bulls have a history of lashing out at people and other animals. To prove this statement wrong there are a lot of stories of pits saving lives. “Baby barked and pounced on Westenberger and her sister, Evelyn, alerting them of the smoke filling their Oklahoma home. After the people were taken care of, Baby went back for the five other dogs trapped in the home. According to a family member, one of the dogs was hiding underneath the bed. Baby dragged the dog by the neck outside to safety”, (KOCO Oklahoma). This quote proves that pit bulls have saved lives also, not just take them like the news says they do. Another example of this is, “When an intruder fired a shotgun at Lefty 's owner, the pit bull jumped in the way and took a bullet for him. The dog suffered extreme injuries on her shoulder and her leg, which had to be amputated… and she 's now "trotting around like she 's been a 3-legged dog her entire life” (Atlantic Animal Hospital). This quote proves that dogs, especially pit bulls, are aware of what is right and what is wrong, this also proves that pit bulls know who are the good people and the bad. To summarize, pit bulls are not a dangerous breed because danger does not come from heredity. Pitbulls act no different than any other dog breed because it depends how they were raised, brought into the environment, and taken care of through out their daily life. Pit bulls are just like
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