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Should Pit bulls be considered a danger to society? Some believe that pit bulls are inherently violent and need to be regulated. Maybe its because of their varied history, physical aspects, temperament, and even their breed. Whatever the reason theses dogs have always seemed to possess a negative reputation. But not everyone agrees with the dogs regrettable image, these people strongly believe that no dog is naturally violent and aggressive. They are wholeheartedly convinced that any neglected animal can be rehabilitated and rehomed. The second a person offhandedly comments about their pit bull everyone images a large vicious dog. The stigma surrounding the breed, deflects many from even wanting to be in the presence of one. The humerus thing is a pit bull is not technically a breed of dog, According to Charlotte Alter of Time magazine “A Pit bulls is thought to be an actual breed, but is considered multiple different breeds.’’ "The Problem With Pit Bulls." To classify a pit bull into a class of dogs, you have to include…show more content…
The American Temperament Test Society have concluded that, “American Pit Bull Terriers, the most popular breed used in dog fights, have a very high temperament passing rate of 82.6 percent. Even dogs commonly thought to be kind and gentle (and they are, with the right care) like Bearded Collies and Chihuahuas scored lower than American Pit Bull Terriers.” This supports that the breed is not inherently temperamental. “In the early 1900’s, this type of dog was the most popular family pet in America.” "Should Pit Bulls Be Banned - Hiding the Truth." The dog gained the nickname “nanny dogs” because they were thought to be so loyal and caring of the children of the households. During this time the dogs were so popular that they were used in advertisements and even television. One memorable example was Petey from The Little

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