Pit Bulls On How To Write An Essay On Pitbulls

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If Pit Bulls are mean it is because there owner treaded them hourbely or they treated them mean. Pit Bulls can only get to 19 inches as an adult. Pit bulls can lock their jaws when the bite into something or someone. A male Pit Bull can weigh up to 35-65lbs and a female can weigh up to 30-60lbsas an adult. The colors of a pit bull are black, white, red, gray, fawn, brindle , blue, brown, and tan,. Pit Bull or Pitbull terriers, are beautiful they are athletic dogs the like to play fetch, and they like to chase you if you run away from them. Pit bull is not a breed they are similar traits and characteristic witch are known by the public as pit bull. A Pit bull breed is determination. “Pit bull is a name commonly used for dogs that are usually some mixture of bulldog and terrier.”(World book, 2016). Not all pit bulls are dangerous. Most of the pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive and likely to attack strangers. Breeds called pit bulls include American pit bull terrier. Pit bulls are still used in wrongful war were people bet on the winners. Long ago in England, the dogs were unwilling to battle bulls or even bears in pits. Professional agree that the most dangerous pit bulls are those whose owners abuse the dogs to make them more combative.…show more content…
Breeds sometimes labeled pit bull include the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, bull terrier, and Staffordshire bull terrier. Some nation have passed laws regulating or even halt the control of pit bulls. Studies have shown that it is the cure and care of a dog—and not the dog 's breed—that play a rich role in deadly dog strike. Yet pit bulls do once or twice attack and even kill human
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