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Why are Pitbulls Disliked in the United States? Every year about 40% of dogs that are euthanized are pitbulls. Pit bulls are being banned in certain cities and even states. They are portrayed to be aggressive animals. Just the sight of a pit bull has people terrified and worried they will be attacked. Although, these dogs can be perceived as big and scary, pitbulls have the potential to be good, loving dogs if trained properly by their owners. Do people really know the history and past of pit bulls? Pit bulls are not their own breed of dog. They are a variety of an American bull terrier that are known for their muscular built of body and often associated with ferocity. “Pit bulls have a reputation for aggression and many municipalities have ordinances either forbidding pit bull ownership outright or imposing restrictions on ownership,” (Source B). People that raise pit bulls love them and train them properly so that others will like them as well. Owners hear and see the discrimination towards pitbulls and try to help others believe they are friendly and loving dogs. “Pit bull owners argue that studies show that the pit bull breed itself is no more dangerous than any other, but rather the culprits are irresponsible owners who train them to be aggressive and combative,” (Source B). Many people discriminate against pit bulls, but other breeds of dogs could act aggressive or non-friendly as well, it is just the way they are trained. Pit bulls were once used for dogfighting.
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