Essay On Pitbulls

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Why are Pitbulls Disliked in the United States? Every year about 40% of dogs that are euthanized are pitbulls. Pit bulls are being banned in certain cities and even states. They are portrayed to be aggressive animals. Just the sight of a pit bull has people terrified and worried they will be attacked. Although, these dogs can be perceived as big and scary, pitbulls have the potential to be good, loving dogs if trained properly by their owners. Do people really know the history and past of pit bulls? Pit bulls are not their own breed of dog. They are a variety of an American bull terrier that are known for their muscular built of body and often associated with ferocity. “Pit bulls have a reputation for aggression and many municipalities have…show more content…
People say negative things on the media so if others see it, they believe it’s true and just believe what others think, but in reality it shouldn’t work like that. Humans say things poorly about pitbulls that give them a bad reputation, therefore these dogs end up in animal shelters. “Researchers found that potential pet owners were less likely to take home a dog if shelters called it a pit bull because the breed is negatively perceived and considered less friendly and more aggressive than other breeds,” (Source F). It takes pitbulls almost three times longer to be adopted from animal shelters. A lot of people just believe pits are mean and can hurt you based off of their past. “That reaction is familiar to many owners of pit bulls, whose aggressive reputation and association with dogfighting have made them one of the least adopted and most euthanized breeds in the U.S., according to shelter operators,” (Source D). Pits should be treated and looked at just like any other dog should, just because their history and background isn’t good doesn’t mean the dogs aren’t. People should do their own research on pitbulls and look into them before they go believing something off the internet that may not be
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