Pitbull Research Paper

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Rarest pitbull in its own breed
Unique appearance of a pitbull
It is something commonly observed that usually the dogs are more or less alike and this is something very rarely experienced. However, considering this very dog which is introduced in this story is something that might take anyone’s breath. The moment people take a glance over this dog they may feel surprised because of the rarest appearance it possess.
By nature, this dog named as Titus is a pitbull dog but the appearance of this dog is more like a cheetah. There are tiny spots all over its body that makes it look different, the surprising fact is that this dog is one and only dog of this kind in its entire breed. The overall outlook of this dog is what that attracts people and
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This man brutally killed a dog with a cane and then kicked it off, this dog was dead on the scene and this entire scenario was reported to the police. After this scenario took place Allen, the killer ran away from the scene and later on was caught by the police.
The owners of this dog stated that this dog was being hit with a cane by the man named as Allen; Allen hit this dog for about twenty times as the owners stated. The cane was bashed on the head and sides of the dog and them it was also kicked by Allen. This dog was a mixed breed white colored baby which was the most cheerful and playful creature on earth. It was reported that the time when the dog named as the Joker was killed it was at the house of Allen’s stepmother. This baby was never among those annoying dogs but it faced the brutal killing due to someone’s anger.
After the incident took place Allen ran away, but soon was recovered by the police and he confronted about this killing of the Joker as well. This man was convicted to stay in prison for four days and with this was subjected to take anger management classes for a period of one year and had to pay a fine of $1000 for this kind of insane

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